Saturday, 11 February 2012

Story Idea 2 -

Environment: Circus (Circ de Marvel)

Main Character: Geoffrey

Age: 49 (A veteran in the circus world)
From:  England

Build: Tall, skinny

Geoffrey, Is a specialist tightrope walker that specialises in the juggling swords whilst performing his tightrope walk act at death defying heights. He is a confident man however struggles to work with his partner, Patrice. Throughout their time together in the circus the tension between them has built as they each try to outdo one another. 

Rival Character: Patrice

Age: 28

From: France

Build: Short, stocky, French?

Patrice is a tightrope master that at a young age became recognised for walking across the Grand Canyon at the age of 7, he has grown to become a very forward person, with a large ego and seen by many as ignorant and a handful to deal with around the circus. His constant need to be the best means during the circus acts he is always trying to one up Geoffrey, with his bowling ball act. 


Geoffrey and Patrice are the opening act for the circus company Circ de Marvel, they are both perform in unison, walking from opposite sides of the tent, each time doing something more creative above a large pool.

Patrice seems to be getting the bigger cheer from the crowd as he walks across on his own, spinning a bowling ball on his middle finger. Geoffrey then pulls out his swords and begins to juggle three at once whilst walking across the rope. The crowd get louder in response to Geoffrey, which angers Patrice, as he brings out two more bowling balls and begins to juggle them around his body as he walks across the tent.

As the rage between them increases, the crowd’s cheers increase each time. As they are walking across the rope Patrice throws a bowling ball to him to catch. The sheer weight of the bowling ball knocks Geoffrey completely off guard causing him to have to clutch onto the line with both his hands dropping his swords and the bowling ball to depths of the pool below. As Geoffrey pulls himself back up to his platform his takes his remaining sword and slices the rope supporting Patrice, causing him to swing around the tent in desperate attempts to get back to his own platform. 

Now there is only one line left for Patrice and Geoffrey to walk across, they run at each other meeting in the middle face to face, and in the final act for victory, Geoffrey bends over and slices the rope but at the same time Patrice places his final bowling ball in Geoffrey’s pants, causing them to both fall into pool below causing a huge splash!

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