Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Adaptation - Initial Thoughts

On first glance at the brief, it was clear that there is a huge scope of what there was to choose and follow through with this project. To think of what area that I would ideally like to go into in the CG world was quite a challenge however I did come to the conclusion that for this unit I would like to focus on:

Text to Digital Set for Film

Creating a digital set from a novel/ or passage really had me thinking on where I wanted to go, whether into ancient mythology or futuristic

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Character Design - Hero & Villain Silhouettes - Developed

There seems to be some slight stretching of the images for some reason -

Developed Silhouette - Villain - King Arthur

Character Design - Sidekick Developement

Originally Silhouettes - Inked over with detail

Development of pose - (1)

Character Design - Developed Ideas

 Some Brain-storms for all characters, going through the thought process's and imagining the final character - As it can be seen I sidetracked a lot as I developed new ideas for each character
Arthurian Characters - VILLAIN & SIDEKICK
Arabian Night Character - HERO

Character Design - Class Tutorials

Apologies for no particular order - 

Character Design - Initial Ideas & Sketches -

 All the initial sketches were based upon this premise of King Arthur and his sidekick being the villainous characters, and the Hero character being under the theme of Arabian Nights
The Initials Sketches
Apologies for the late upload - having not been near a computer for the duration of the holidays.