Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Chlamydosaurus kingii

Chlamydosaurus kingii = The Frill Necked Lizard

Frilled lizards are one of Australia's oddest-looking lizard species. Their huge frill, which can be 30cm across, seems to be mostly for display. Both sexes have frills, but males use them when threatened or when they encounter other males in their territory, especially during the breeding season. In spite of their ferocious appearance, frilled lizards feed largely on insects.

Once I had researched what my animal was, I was pleasantly surprised as the animal was very unique and to splice with the human anatomy would be very challenging! I quickly found that when drawing the lizard, unless you show the body of the lizard it becomes very difficult to work out what the animal is, as the frill around the neck of the lizard blends with the face of the lizard, making it hard to define from a frontal view!

Review - Kurt Neumann's The Fly

Fig.1 'The Fly poster'

 If you were to sit down in a theatre not knowing what happens or what the general idea is in this film you would be pretty confused for the first half of this film. The opening sequence of the movie, shows the ‘caretaker/ security guard’ finding a woman beside a stamping press with the remains of a mans head and arm beneath the press. This has set the theme for a shallow based detective story however; you know the identity of the ‘killer’ so you know that must be something more to film.

 Fig.2 'You cant see me like this'

Throughout the duration of the film there is barely ten minutes where you won’t hear the sound of a fly buzzing somewhere in the scene. The lady of the house (Helene) becomes very distressed whenever there is a fly in the room, “Don’t swat the fly!” 

Fig.3 'Andre reveals'

Once Helene’s husband (Andre) becomes a part fly, part human hybrid, the pace of the film changes very quickly. Progressing towards the scene that shows the hydraulic press coming down onto the head and arm of Andre. The idea of wanting to play god is evident in films in this genre, especially as Andre is supposedly taking the role of god to benefit humanity.

Directed by: Kurt Newmann
Screen Play by: James Clavell
Based on short novel by: George Langelaan
Duration: 89 Minutes (aprox)
Year released: 1958

List of Illustrations: 
 Fig.1 'The Fly poster'
 Fig.2 'You cant see me like this'
Fig.3 'Andre reveals'

Photoshop Painting #1

During last Friday's photoshop painting tutorial, I didn't produce anything that was worth uploading, so over the week I have been practicing using the tablet and I'm starting to get the hang of it finally!


Monday, 26 September 2011


After a week of trying to find my blogger password I am finally able to post on my blog! I thought for my first post I would show a portrait I produced, only allowing myself 30 minutes to complete, however as I like to perfect my drawings this became a challenge and found myself becoming increasingly sketchy within the last few minutes!
 The photo is the same as my UCA ID card