Friday, 4 November 2011

Temple Scene - development

During this weeks photoshop lesson, Phil suggested that I take a thumbnail that I wanted to develop and make quick black and white paintings showing structure, and more detail than the thumbnails.

Angle from the edge of the 'pool'

View from the back of the temple


  1. Really atmospheric, George...

    Remember - your mission is to make a BIG impression this time around - so keep your blog nice and lively - create a buzz, and you'll attract more feedback and more interaction. Trust me on this.

  2. Lovely drawings...can we see your all thumbnails?
    are you ok with your film reviews and research and stuff? If you want a second opinion you can always email them to me.

  3. some more sexy stuff here!!!has a grate feel and atmosphere as phill rightly pointed out however it feels a bit to smooth if you get me. Like the rocks for example you could do with a bit more texture and then i think it would go from sexy to epic :) keep up the good work