Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Developed 'tree top house'


  1. Lovely!
    Maybe needs another lightsource just to show up the detailed balconies? They are so good, don't let them go to waste in the dark!

  2. agreed, George - think like a lighting designer now; yes, you've 'built' your set, but now you need to light it to ensure that it really pops - some uplighting from (fires?) below would lend real drama (especially as the light would reveal cracks between the planking etc, lending further interest). The only thing that still doesn't convince or communicate is the materiality of the hut cover - from what is it made? Its fabrication isn't clear, and I think in a world which is 'hand-crafted' and built, you should commit to this detailing.

  3. dude so brill work going on here! I cant help but think I would like to have seen a bit of a background with this. I know its a development and its a very good one but for me the house it self gets me excited as its really good but then i look around it and it kind of fades away. If you can get that amount of interest as a hole your onto a winner!!!!! :)