Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Film Review - King Kong

Film Review Kingkong


  1. Hey George,

    Good to see your reviews coming through at last, and while they tick the boxes in terms of quotes, bibliography, illustration list etc., they remain a bit generic in terms of your engagement with the films themselves. I suspect you're simply not reading enough/thinking enough before writing - perhaps you're not making notes during the film itself - when maybe you should? These reviews have two purposes - one is to give you lots and lots of experience of mastering an academic-style of writing, but also to get you interested in taking films apart from a design and thematic POV. One day, you'll be making your own films, so please invest more sincerely in these opportunities to get to grips with film language, story and character.

  2. For your info:

  3. Hiya, have you checked the crit list yet? Make sure you put up your Maya, photoshop, perspective exercises, and 100 thumbnails - its easy to miss some of the little things in the rush to get film reviews/essay done!