Sunday, 30 October 2011

Photoshop progress and Thumbnails -

Using a a thumbnail that I particularly liked, I started to lay it out in photo shop using the perspective techniques taught to us by Phil. This first image shows the stage after I had flipped the canvas over, from the original.

Black and white image

Using overlay methods to add colour

Work still in progress

Original Thumbnails


  1. some sexy stuff here. Im loving the little things here in your pictures like the wooden bridge that is falling apart. It also massively comes across as organic yet still feels warm and homie. GOOD WORK !!!

  2. Mmm I love the little details too -and its really quirky. You would be a great illustrator.
    Hows all your other stuff going, are you getting the writing and film reviews done?

  3. Thanks for the comments! however I am getting quite caught up in this one scene, which I need to stop doing as I think the other two will suffer :(

  4. Indeed, George - but keep the evolution of your ideas in forward motion - yes, this image has strengths, but beware 'polishing' over innovation. Let this thumbnail rest and consider alternate points of view etc. And yes - absolutely, I want to see some reviews on here asap, because they'll need polishing too, so get on top of the weekly tasks, George, and do it now. Trust me on this - you'll have a much more comfortable unit 2 if you do.