Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Maya Modelling: The Fan

 After getting stuck into the modeling of the fan, it became quite simple as you have to repeat a lot of the same processes, like the special duplication tool. I did makes things a bit harder for myself as I built the fan on a different axis to the tutorial :) oops, however once I figured out what axis it was on it was simple enough to follow. Once I reached the smoothing stage, my computer decided it needed a rest and consequently crashed, however I had saved the scene moments before, thank god...

I went for a blue and orange colour scheme, as I found the brown colours dull

 After completing the modeling and basic lighting, I wanted to make the lighting in the scene more creative. So I opened the back_lit lighting scene from the lighting exercises, and removed the character and replaced him with my fan. The lighting makes the fan looks a lot more alive and the reflective shadows are more unique and stylistic.


  1. Congrats, George - surging ahead in the Maya stakes, I see... good stuff.

  2., but about everything else, George? Please don't fall into the trap of being a 'one-trick pony' - this course offers you the opportunity to become rather good at a bunch of stuff, so no electing to sit out certain activities (like writing etc) just because a) it scares you, b) someone once said you were no good at it, or c) because you think you'll somehow get away with it with you (you won't). If you're postponing aspects of the brief, or sticking your head in the sand, stop it now, as you've still got time to ensure against making your first big mistake... I want a complete submission from you, George - make no mistake about that.

  3. Thanks Phil, all written reviews and thumbnails coming tonight :)