Monday, 3 October 2011



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  1. OGR 03/10/11

    Hey George,

    Your OGR makes one thing really clear; you've been pretty slow to engage - a bit lazy - and there simply isn't enough work in evidence here, which has the practical consequence of your hybrid idea being underdeveloped and at a very unexplored, even disinteresting stage. I won't apologise for the plain-speaking, because it's important that you understand at this earliest stage that a repeat of this wishy-washy, underwhelming, under-powered approach is unacceptable. Please note, that this isn't a judgement call in regard to your potential or your talents - you can obviously draw - this is me informing you that this is a proper degree for grown-ups who want to work in the creative industries, and not a hobbyist after-school club. There's a difference, and I think if you were to take a look at the following blog links belonging to your classmates you'll see where I'm coming from and why you need to demonstrate what you're properly capable of - and soon.

    In terms of communicating a direction, your OGR is much too provisional; by now you should be choosing from your minimum of 50 thumbnails, and I should be looking at an edited selection of ideas and alternate approaches. I suggest you up your productivity in light of this feedback and show me how you intend to ensure your hybrid is innovative.

    There is a problem too with your essay introduction - and I'm sorry I can't be more positive, but again, you've rather created the circumstances under which I'm compelled to be plain-speaking. Had you accessed the 'Rough Guide' to written assignments that has been available to you on myUCA/Anatomy/Unit Materials since day one, and checked out the example essays, and the 'Style Guide', had you looked at the break downs of various introductions, and had you looked at the criteria on the brief itself, you couldn't have written your introduction in the generic way that you have.

    You know what? It's time for you to take CG Arts seriously - because it's taking you seriously. Do the work. Get on message. Sort it out. Be successful. If you're not working closely with your creative partner, if you're not making links with your mentor, and if you're not following the progress of your classmates via their blogs, and you're not engaging with rich resource that is the group blog and myUCA, then you're already doing everything possible to ensure that this is not the course or learning culture for you. I suggest you come and find me at the soonest opportunity to reassure me otherwise.

    In the meantime, show me that you mean business and let's see you actually using the talents you have to accomplish something extraordinary in the weeks remaining to you.