Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Final Thumbnail - Concept Painting - Modelling

Final Thumbnail - Concept
I hope to model everything in the scene, apart from the buildings and fences background, which I will include in the matte painting.

Final Concept - Not Finished
The graffiti on the diving boards adds another element of abandonement, yet the everything else is clean, giveing it an uncanny feeling.

Test Materials Applied
0cclusion Pass
Beauty and Occlusion pass
I need to fix some of the uv's as some of them are a bit stretched, but so far I am happy with the progress.

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  1. George - sigh. So you're still alive then? But why must it always be a 'final week' culture with you? It's so 'George is still at school'. I feel like I'm wasting my breath. It's great to see this work arrive, but really, what's the point? Why not do this course by correspondence? Why not pay your fees to stay away? Oh - you already are. Come semester 2 I want to see a big shift in your professonalism - which this isn't. I'm expressing my frustration here so I can respond positively to the content of your work on crit day. You should realise however that in terms of your 'creative development blog' - which if you look at the wording on the brief asks for the archive to correspond to the 'duration' of the unit - I'm not even sure if it can pass. You total 8 posts in over six weeks... pretty lame for a 'bright young thing' :(