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Blue Velvet - Film Review

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"Shocking, perverse, funny, unsettling, scathing, biting, and twisted, but undeniably original" (james kendrick, …) Blue Velvet is a film that makes one feel un-easy from the start, yet still wants to watch the full duration of the film. It pleases and disturbs the viewer at the same time which makes the film that more unique to watch. “..the last real earthquake to hit cinema...” (G. Maddin, 2006)

There is a certain horror aspect to the film however underneath there is a simple love story between Jeffrey (Kyle MacLachlan), a college student, and Sandy (Laura Dern) The story follows Jeffrey as he finds an ear lying in a field, as he begins to play detective and find out who the ear belongs to and why it is detached from the person. He traces the ear and finds out the location of a women Dorothy (Isabella Rossellini) who is connected with the people that took the ear.  Jeffrey becomes an excited voyeur who witnesses Dorothy being sexually brutalized by Frank (Dennis Hopper), a violent thug who has kidnapped her son and husband in order to have his way with her.

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Hopper's performance is so over-the-edge that I could enjoy Blue Velvet just by watching him. That and Lynch's camera work, which has images that are so strong that they remain ingrained within me long after seeing them(john Nesbit, 2001) The camera work especially strikes the viewer as it makes you feel as if you are in the scene with the actors. The suspense in the music also adds to make the movie experience that much better.


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