Thursday, 1 December 2011

Unit 3 - Initial ideas

After reading Freud's essay on 'The Uncanny' I have begun to brainstorming some ideas for environments that I can pursue.

As I have a full time job life guarding at a swimming pool, for an environment, what better than an abandoned swimming pool.


  1. Hey creative partner, this is a pretty good influence map but you need to put a little more backbone to it. Some concrete research (a paragraph or two breaking down the images) about "why" these pictures are uncanny and how they link to our fears etc. Ill start posting soon too so any comments would be welcome. Lets get this project on the road :)

  2. Hi Gabriel! cheers for the comments on my thumbnails, and image map. They are a bit loose, just wanted to produce something creative within all the research going on atm :) Hows your project going so far?

  3. Good just putting ideas down on paper first then gonna upload a few posts. Also trying to knock out a review at the moment. Week 2 should be more productive hopefully :P