Thursday, 1 December 2011

Initial thumbnails -

During my lunch break today I thought I would produce a few thumbnails, using the pool that I work at as an influence. I particularly like (2) as the perspective is overly exaggerated.


  1. Very nice thumbnails, I can see your ideas clearly :) Number 1 could in fact be a real good one because there's a lot of potential for strange lighting in the pool area.
    These are good in terms of getting your ideas out but you shouldn't be so locked in with the pool idea. Get some more influence maps out there on different scenes and try to get as many different uncanny places as you can think of. You can still go back to the pool idea after but at least you'd have explored a broad range of the uncanny valley.

  2. 5 is a nice view....but 9 is a bit basic. ;)