Monday, 26 September 2011


After a week of trying to find my blogger password I am finally able to post on my blog! I thought for my first post I would show a portrait I produced, only allowing myself 30 minutes to complete, however as I like to perfect my drawings this became a challenge and found myself becoming increasingly sketchy within the last few minutes!
 The photo is the same as my UCA ID card


  1. hello george, my names nick and im you're creative partner for this unit :) how's things going for you're project so far?

  2. Hi, yeah finally started on my project and getting most of the thumbnails and sketches completed. Hows your project going?

  3. Hey George - great to have some content on here finally - but yes, I'm impatient to see your thumbnails. Let's face it - your 'creative partnership' can only start cooking on gas when both you and Nick start cooking on gas, so get content on here - and get some feedback. Time to speed up, George - or you will fall behind. You're already 4 reviews 'late' and there's not even an indication of your animal, or any photoshop stuff, an influence map or anything! Obviously you're new to blogging, but remember, your blog merely reflects and publishes your workflow - so let's see some workflow on here sharpish!