Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Chlamydosaurus kingii

Chlamydosaurus kingii = The Frill Necked Lizard

Frilled lizards are one of Australia's oddest-looking lizard species. Their huge frill, which can be 30cm across, seems to be mostly for display. Both sexes have frills, but males use them when threatened or when they encounter other males in their territory, especially during the breeding season. In spite of their ferocious appearance, frilled lizards feed largely on insects.

Once I had researched what my animal was, I was pleasantly surprised as the animal was very unique and to splice with the human anatomy would be very challenging! I quickly found that when drawing the lizard, unless you show the body of the lizard it becomes very difficult to work out what the animal is, as the frill around the neck of the lizard blends with the face of the lizard, making it hard to define from a frontal view!


  1. Heya George, thought i'd give a hand with some of you're research i found a few links that may be helpful to you. You proberly have already seen these within you're research lol

    The Frill Neck Lizard Facts:

    I also found this video of one being a little crazy lol thought it might help with how it moves and how they eat etc:

    Hope its all going well for you


  2. Thanks a lot man! and yes I have seen that video before haha, but thanks for that link!