Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Commision - Initial Research - Tying Up the loose ends of Life

Telomeres and Aging

(Tying up the Loose ends of Life)

Only recently have scientists discovered the science of aging, is down too our bodies cells dividing overtime and the Telomeres shortening, due to the division and multiplication of the cells. Each of the around 100 trillion cells in the body is made up of Genes and Chromosomes, each of the Chromosomes made up of around 10 million DNA bases, and at the end of theses bases are a repetitive strand of DNA that act as a sought of buffer to protect the many DNA bases behind them.

Each time a cell divides, DNA replication is caused causing the loss of some DNA bases, as the cells divide more and more as we age, the Telomeres become shorter and less likely to protect the DNA from being lost. As the Telomeres become shorter we feel the effects of aging. So to sum up... When Cell's divide - - - > Telomeres SHORTEN!

At Birth = 10,000 DNA bases 
Elderly Human (Near Death) = 5,000 bases

The Telomeres are the buffers on the end of the DNA strands -

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